Thursday, September 4, 2014


Gideon has been struggling with naptime for at least a week now.  I can tell he is growing, both physically and mentally, and turning off his little brain in the middle of the day has proven extremely difficult.  I was sitting in his bed, talking to him about how popcorn is made (he was very excited about helping me make popcorn after rest time) and he asked:

Gideon:  How do you go to sleep?
Me:  Well, you have to lay down and close your eyes.
G:  That hard.
M: I know baby, sometimes when I close my eyes I like to imagine things in my brain, like spending the day with LaLaLoopsy or being a superhero and flying over my city.
G:  But I can't close my eyes, they too bouncy, see (closes and opens eyes rapidly).  They bounce. back. open. (said with great frustration)
M:  Then how about we lay down with our eyes open?
G:  (sighs and lays down) okay.

I have struggled with sleep my entire life and had high hopes that Gideon would inherit Mac's ability to sleep, literally, anywhere (seriously, anywhere, anytime).  Fingers crossed that this is just a phase.

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