Monday, October 18, 2010

Bedding Conundrum

So I am trying to finish our baby registry because frankly I am sick of thinking about it. All we have left to research are baby monitors, a task that has been assigned to the husbandit. And then of course we need to choose the bedding so I can select a changing pad cover, hamper, curtains, glider, etc. Not that I expect people to buy me all of these things, but I would like to get 10% off, which Babies R' Us promised to send us for all of the items not purchased on our registry. Our registries have also become a great list of baby wants and needs and has really helped me feel like I am being proactive in my preparation for Baby Mack.

Mac and I set this coming Sunday as the deadline for choosing bedding and so far I have a top 3 that I vascilate over daily.

Option 1:

Carter's Bumble Bedding

I find the colors soothing and the creatures are really unique. The blanket features a variety of soft textures and patterns. The play yard and high chair we registered for are a part of this collection.

Option 2:

Cater's Tree Tops

I love the retro colors and adorable characters. I also love how the blanket is like looking out a window at a forest scene.

Option 3:

Kid's Line Peek-a-boo Zoo

I love the bright colors, and unique skirt and valence. Also who can resist the monkey going after the 2? I ordered these cards over the weekend:

I think it would be cute to frame and hang them in a line over the crib.

What do you guys think? what catches your eye?


  1. I vote for the peek a boo zoo, but I'm kind of partial to monkeys. Plus the colors in the cards look like they would coordinate well. Has there been a date set for a shower yet?

  2. I am leaning towards that zoo too! No date for the shower yet but you are on the list!

  3. All three choices are winners in my book! (however, I'm a bit partial to number 2- the forest scene... but, you'd have been shocked if I hadn't said that!). So cute! so fun! There are such adorable things for babies now! We didn't have choices like this!

  4. Yikes - tough call. They are all cute. The first one doesn't make me think of you guys as much as the second and third. The third has great colors, for sure.

    And are you seriously almost 24 weeks already??? Is it possible to "lap" me? Hahaha.

  5. Ha! well that was all it took to sway Mac and me. Officially registered for the Peek-a-boo Zoo!