Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bedding Bought

Yesterday I was feeling down about some recent family drama and decided I wanted to go visit the bedding we chose for Gideon's room at Babies R' Us. Since the nursery is currently in a World War III type state of renovation, visiting a nicely decorated and accessorized place seemed like just the thing to lift my spirits. So we drove to the store and soon discovered that Babies R' Us is transitioning between new and old bedding which means the bedding we chose is no longer gracing a polished crib but instead was hanging in the back of the store under tags reading "clearance." Mac, mom, and Rock all felt that we should go ahead and buy the bedding now so as to avoid missing out on it later but I wasn't sure (because I am not sure of anything these days... sigh... preggo brain). As we were discussing it a couple of people walked up behind us. It was apparent that these people wanted my bedding, GIDEON'S bedding, and in that moment I had an instinctual reaction of "MINE!" which is lucky because we got the last 6 piece set (quilt, bumper, diaper stacker, etc) and the last cute matching lamp. Score one for Team Edwards! So now we have our bedding, extra sheets, a lamp, valence, changing pad cover and diaper stacker but we decided against buying the mobile. It was cute and stuff but I think I could make something better in the form of adorable, hand-crocheted, animals and whatnot. When we got to the house a thought struck me. My external hard drive with all of my wonderful crochet patterns is broken! Blah. This is going to be my "make it work" moment, I just know it (thank you Tim Gunn). I have decided I won't worry about it until December.

Today I should be grading tests but instead I sat down and made a website for Gideon here . I think it turned out pretty cute, I mean who can resist adorable dinosaurs?

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