Tuesday, January 4, 2011

High on a good deal

Mac and I found an artist we love through Zulilly.com's deals right before Christmas. It was a fantastic deal (as usual with Zulilly), $19.99 for 11x14 prints from Children Inspired Design. We are always looked for a good deal and I realized that if Mac signed up for his own Zulilly account through my referral link then I would get a $15 credit, making one of the prints almost free! Woo! So Mac signed up and purchased a print and then I waited...and waited....and waited. Turns out you don't get the credit until the order has shipped and this particular order was going to take a while. Finally I decided to give up on the discount and just buy the prints already. And that is when it happened. I went back to the site and the prints were all sold out!!!! what?! So I went to the artist's site and found that my $19.99 prints were now going to cost me $30. Ouch! Mac and I are terrible money procrastinators and the increase in price led to serious art avoidance. Every time one of up brought up the prints the other would suddenly become very busy. Finally this morning I decided the time had come to make a decision. I went to the online store and added the prints to my shopping cart. Before checking out I noticed that I could apply a coupon code so I did a quick google search for a discount. This is when the gods of nursery art smiled upon me because I found the artist's Etsy store!!!!! Not only do they have the same prints for $24 instead of $30, they are currently having a sale, buy 2 prints get 1 free! Long story short if I had bought 4 prints from the artist's site it would have cost us $130+, had I bought the 6 prints we ultimately chose from the Zulilly sale it would have been around $126 but I got 6 prints with shipping for $104.75! Now I am totally high off of the experience.

Here are the prints we chose:

(those two are going to go over the crib)



This is the one we purchased from Zulilly. It is 12x18 and was only $19.99!

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  1. Um, so turns out I'm SO jealous! Those prints are awesome!!! I especially love that you got a Swedish and Dutch alphabet (I'm going through a strange Scandinavian-affinity phase right now). And well done you on the bargain purchasing! Rock on!!! (How many more exclamation points could I use in this comment?!?). So adorable; Gideon is one lucky kiddo.