Sunday, January 9, 2011


Wow! Yesterday was quite the day! Mac and I got up early Saturday morning (after a sleepless night on my part) to finish cleaning house. Around noon I really started to crash; I was totally exhausted and needed a nap but there was no time. I slowly dressed and drove over to the library for my baby shower and was immediately refreshed as I walked in the door. The room was decorated with streamers, lanterns, and even fresh flowers on every table! The food was fantastic (thank god cause I had forgotten to eat lunch and only had cookies for breakfast) with fruit, veggies, dip, cheesecake ball, meatballs, and cake balls (sensing a theme?).

Many people came which really touched me, lots of family and great friends!

After everyone had a chance to chat and eat Melissa and Emily (the fantastic shower hostesses) explained this really neat project to all of the guests. On a table were a bunch of colorfully patterned fabric pieces that each guest could use to create an owl, Sally and Emily would then put all of the pieces together to create a quilt for Gideon. Such a fantastic idea! I was really impressed.

After everyone had assembled their owls (they were all so unique and adorable) it was time to open presents. There were so many, I was overwhelmed and many were completely unexpected (more gifts from mom, Bethany, John, and Carol who have all already given us so much? That's crazy talk!). Melissa was great and totally kept track of all of the presents for me and Michelle went above and beyond, picking up torn paper and organizing all of the gifts. I am so lucky to have such great friends who made the party so perfect and tailored to my personality.
Here are the rest of the shower pics for those who are curious.

After the shower Mac's family came over to see teh nursery and have dinner. Originally MAc had planned to cook but in the end we had Chicken Express (mmmmm.....) and all sat around talking and laughing. This morning Mac and I got up early to meet Mac's Aunt Karon and Cousin Kriston Ikea for breakfast. Can you believe that Kriston had never been to Ikea? That is crazy talk. While there were got the chair for the nursery, which is really starting to come together.

While we were in Ikea it started to SNOW! it wasn't cold enough for it to be icy or dangerous out so the effect was really just beautiful and made it a perfect day to lay around in bed, which is what I did.

On top of providing us with much needed baby supplies the party was also a reminder that this baby is coming soon. There were many people in attendance that I will not see again until after Gideon is born (what?). Another important party side effect was the cleaning of our house; our Christmas tree is even packed away! Before the cleaning I told Mac that we could not bring a baby home to this dirty house so I guess we just could not have a baby. Now we are cleared for homecoming. Speaking of which we have an ultrasound Monday! I love ultrasounds so I am very excited.

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  1. Oh my! The nursery IS coming along! It looks totally adorable! I want to see more!!!