Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Our ultrasound yesterday was a bit of a shock. Gideon has been measuring big in ultrasounds for this entire pregnancy and so have I (fundal height). I also have high fluid, which runs in my family, so I am kind of huge. In fact opening gifts at my baby shower left me totally breathless from sitting in a chair with a baby up in my lungs. Anyway, this last ultrasound showed that Gideon's limbs measure right on at 35/36 wks but his head, belly, and weight all measure at 38wks. That's right folks, my baby weighs 7 pounds, 15 ounces at 36 weeks. My doctor said that this particular machine (which he has lots of experience with) can measure up to a half pound over but he also said that my high fluid makes it easier to get accurate measurements so the nearly 8 pound measurement is probably pretty close. Wow, no wonder my back hurts. Because Gideon technically measures ahead for his age my doctor had to bring up the possibility of alternate delivery routes, i.e. c-section. Luckily he wasn't trying to push anything on me and said we would take this week by week. Regardless, the appointment stressed me out. I am feeling much better now but in the moment I was a little anxious to say the least. We are now on a weekly appointment schedule and next week he will be checking my cervix for the first time and we will revisit the c-section topic. Right now the goal is a healthy baby and we believe that the best way to reach that goal is a vaginal birth. I need to be flexible and accepting of medically necessary alternatives but Mac and I both need to be keeping ourselves informed. SO yeah, I will be doing some research this week.

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  1. Dont stress yourself out. :) Stick with your current birth plan and if they try to persuade you to go c section it wont be for a bit yet. Its an amazing life changing experience either way and if in the end they say you have to go c-section route I'll be right there sending you stupid jokes and salsa dancing dogs videos to make you feel better. It'll all be fine and you'll have a beautiful baby boy soon!