Friday, May 11, 2012


Before we decided to have a baby I went back to school for a Masters in Education.  While we were trying to get pregnant I stayed in school because with my PCOS I had no idea how long the whole thing was going to take (I ended up finishing my student teaching 8 months pregnant (yuck)).  The fall after Gideon was born I decided to go back to school and now I am happy to say I AM FINISHED.  I decided to include this particular milestone in Gideon's blog because when I went back to school I did it in part for him.  I wanted him to know that A. I didn't drop out of school because he was born, B. If by some miracle you decide what you want to do with your life, then go for it, and C. If you work hard, persevere, and let others help you, nothing can stop you.  

This morning Gideon walked into our room with a little wrapped package and handed it to me.  That alone took my breath away as I noticed (not for the first time) that he is growing up way too fast.  Inside was my Mother's Day present, a beautiful necklace with Gideon's perfect little silhouette (even his eye lashes!).

It really was perfect timing, while I was waiting in the bowels of the coliseum to process out with the other graduates I got a little nervous and touching that little face reminded me that my family was out there waiting to cheer me on.  And cheer they did!  My mom, Rock, Bethany, Liyah, Carol, and John were all there along with Mac and Gideon (my dad and Debbie were unfortunately overseas) and they stayed for the whole 3 hour ceremony (mostly taking turns letting Gideon run around the coliseum).  A few weeks ago Mac suggested finding a babysitter for Gideon during the ceremony but I really wanted him there and I was glad when I looked up and saw his sweet face.
My sister took this pic of Gideon catching site of me in the crowd of black clad people in funny hats

It's like a game of "Where's Kristin?"

This was like the third hand I had to shake on stage.  Also check out the wings on the robe.  Grad regalia is WEIRD. 
After the ceremony we had planned on going out to eat together just as we had after our last graduation, but in the end we went back to our house with wine coolers and ordered pizza.  My how times have changed, and frankly I am glad of it.

I am so lucky to have my family, especially the wonderful husbandit because there is no way I could have done this without a support system of people willing to take care of my child while I write a paper, proof read a project, or just help me decompress.  I do not have the right words to thank Mac for his love, support, patience, and humor during our entire time together (pregnancy, finals, and all).  My biggest wish for Gideon is that he will be as wonderful a man as his father is.  As I like to say, I have the better spouse.  Next weekend is my graduation party (I finally got to have one after my third graduation) at La Hacienda Ranch.  Bring on the enchilada buffet and margaritas, school is OUT!

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