Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

I made this as a little mommy's day montage
Mother's Day was pretty low key around here; very nice and mostly relaxing.  Gideon gave me my present early (see: Graduation) this year but on the actual day I got to sleep in and have donuts and mimosas for breakfast, then I got to play video games!  Pretty awesome!  Later Rock, my mom, sister, and brother came over for a Mother's Day lunch of the husbandit's AMAZING beer braised brisket tacos and my Chipotle rip-off rice.  Bethany was celebrating her first Mother's Day as a mom, which was pretty surreal for me since she is always going to be my little sister, and she stayed a while after everyone left so we could hang out and talk.  After Auntie Bethany left Mac and I took Gideon to a city park down the street.  He had kind of an epically good time and it was a nice way to end the day (until we got home and I realized I had told Melissa the wrong day for babysitting and she was sitting outside our house in her car.  My bad Melissa!)

I am so lucky to have our little man.  He has been very ..trying... lately but he has also been the cutest little odd duck.  I suppose one just comes with the other as he tries to figure out who in the world he is.

Before bed I insisted on getting a good picture of Giddy and I together to mark the occasion.

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