Thursday, May 24, 2012

Jingle Bell Boy

I like to bring out the Mystery Box a few times a week so I can spend some focused time with Gideon working on developmental skills; kind of my small version of Tot School.  Giddy loves the Mystery Box and happily climbs in his chair when he sees me get it out (he has to sit at the table patiently if he wants to see what is in the box).  It always has something different in it and I always have my fingers crossed that he will actually take more of an interest in what is in inside the box than with playing with the box lid (this happened with paint, who knew?).  Today was Gideon's favorite Mystery Box thus far, inside there were jingle bells and ribbons!

There were many more jingle bells and ribbons but at this point there were scattered about a bit
We determined that the bells didn't ring very well when you held them in your hand (as opposed to shaking the box or throwing them) so I tied ribbons to them so they could be swung around.  Yeah, he LOVED that.  Then I made a jingle bell necklace and it was ON!  The kid could not get enough.

I ended up tying the giant bell to the back door knob and so far it has been a nice distraction from attempting to run outside into the heat.  It's kind of hilarious to watch him get a head full of steam and head for the door only to get distracted by the bell.  He ends up sitting there ringing it until something else gets his attention.

I wonder what will be in the Mystery Box tomorrow.... (no really, I need to get on that)


  1. Hilarious! I love your mystery box idea. I'm so glad he liked the bells. Cute! Cute!

  2. This is just SO creative, and wonderful and stimulating and BRILLIANT! What a GREAT idea! and how lucky Mr. Gideon is to have parents like you two.