Thursday, May 10, 2012


I love his current two loves...

A super boy and his super bear

Pooh Bear, like George, was randomly chosen one day by Gideon to be his new best friend.  I looked over and he had that silly old bear by the foot and was dragging him around the living room.  Often when Gideon is feeling snugly (lately that is frequent, the only silver lining to teething) he scrambles down from my lap, grabs pooh and runs back over so the three of us can cuddle.  Other times he runs to get Pooh and carries him back to Gideon's chair where the two of them can hug and share secrets uninterrupted.  

The cape thing started when Gideon discovered that after naptime he could reach through the crib bars and take things out of his crib.  This was REVOLUTIONARY.  Up to this point Miss Ellie was crib only (mean old mama!); now if he is anywhere upstairs you can guarantee he is going to pop up with her in tow.  The blue blanket was a crib blanket until Gideon grabbed it and wore it on his head.  Everytime it fell off he brought it to me to place back on.  I got sick of this fast and tied the darn thing (loosely) around his neck.  He thought this was pretty cool, especially since he could grab the blankie and wrap it around himself or hold it out to his sides as he ran.  He is a very dramatic boy.  

This morning I put a cape on Pooh Bear and the child grinned from ear to ear.  Add that to chair spinning and it was probably the perfect Gideon morning.  Well almost perfect, there weren't any blue berry donuts.   

(Someone has to keep watch over the living room during naptime)

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  1. OMGoodness! this is just the most precious thing! :)