Monday, July 22, 2013

A love of Legos

Gideon loves lots of things including mommydaddy, mommydaddy bed, Ellie, french fries, Plants vs. Zombies, the list goes on.  Two of his most beloved things are Star Wars and Legos, so of course he has been asking daily to play with "Mommy's Legos," which are kept out of reach but not out of sight in the art room.  Today he was so good and sweet I decided to let him play with the object of his obsession.

Look at that face!
He was actually really good with them, I was impressed.  Jabba's Palace was like the best dollhouse ever and the the sail barge became perfect masstransit for all of his "guys."  Then Giddy discovered you could take off their hats and hair and he turned into a little mad scientist.

I like to think that this means I am doing this parenting thing right.

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