Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Dallas Zoo

I grew up in this general area which means I was pretty sure the Dallas Zoo was awful and possibly dangerous.  My sister and I used to joke that we wouldn't go there because we were pretty sure an animal would escape and they would have to kill it and we would be traumatized for life.  Saturday I was DYING to get some housework done (number one sign you are an adult?  You are excited to have time to clean your house) so the husbandit (who is not from here) in his infinite wisdom volunteered to take the child out of the house for the day.  Their chosen destination was the Dallas Zoo.  When he arrived I got a text from him saying the parking lot was empty so I immediately jumped online to make sure there hadn't been some sort of animal escape or bomb threat that had shut the zoo down.  Turns out they just aren't very busy at 9am on a Saturday.  Throughout the day I got many more texts with pictures of my guys having a great time.  Turns out the Dallas Zoo is really nice now with lots of stuff for kids to do and see.  The husbandit has been singing it's praises to anyone who will listen ever since and Gideon obviously had a great time.  Now I am actually looking forward to getting to see it for myself, especially since the husbandit says (GASP) it is better than the Fort Worth Zoo (and half the price).

Check out pics from their awesome day out!

taller than 2 out of 3 penguins



there were people on that bench when that bird first landed.  apparently it scared a little child

Things are looking up at the Dallas Zaa

On the monorail, which I am told is the best thing ever.

He loved the elephants

Elephants are #1!

Giddy and daddy


They got to pet that giraffe!

Petting the elephant

Brave elephant master

Like Big Bird!

Just sittin' in an egg

On the carousel

Awesome dinosaur on the carousel

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