Monday, July 1, 2013

Keeping Busy

It's hot outside y'all!  Actually it isn't all THAT bad, at least not for Texas but Giddy is a delicate flower like his mama; whenever I suggest we go outside he looks at me and says "no, hot HOT!" so we stay inside.  In an effort to stay busy and spend as much tv free time as possible I have been perusing pinterest for new activities to mix in w the old standbys (painting, felt board play, coloring, puzzles, etc).  Gideon was pretty excited about this pool noodle marble run and it was totally easy to make, just cut the noodle in half with a knife (I used a bread knife (full disclosure I cut my finger while doing it)).

It helped to have a box at the other end to catch the marbles and packing tape to hold the run in place
We've made painters tape racetracks before but Gideon is actually using them for races now so I added a Start and Finish.  This has led to Gideon working really hard at winning every race.

I am a pipe cleaner addict
What activities are you all up to while hiding indoors from the heat?

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