Thursday, July 18, 2013

Gideon's Computer

Gideon loves our computers almost as much as we do, I blame Angry Birds and Plant vs. Zombies (which is probably my fault). We had a couple of old boxes lying around today and Gideon kept messing with them so I decided we needed to make a craft.  Of course, his computer is waaaaay cooler than mine, I mean my boring old machine doesn't have a dance button or a laugh button.

It was a surprisingly easy project, all I used was an old keyboard from the garage, Ikea roll paper (wrapped the boxes in it like presents), package tape (for the box wrapping), black construction paper (computer screen and disc drives), glue (for the construction paper), markers (for my lovely vertical handwriting), and stickers (I had some jewel stickers lying around). Oh and the "mouse" is a jello box with two stacks of foam stickers (pumpkin ones from halloween) for pressable buttons, wrapped in black construction paper. Giddy helped me decide what all the buttons do; his favorite is the "shhh" button which means we all have to whisper (I am so glad because I was sick of being yelled at by a toddler lately).

It's funny, the messier my house is the more likely I am to find inspiration for an activity. 

For some reason the last few days have ticked by very slowly, finding odd crafts to make has been a lifesaver.  Which is why we made these two odd puppets:

Gideon loves the tongues.

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