Monday, August 16, 2010

15 week appointment

Had my 15 week OB appointment today. I am either 15 weeks tomorrow or 15+4 today, depending on if you go by ovulation date or first ultrasound. We thought Dr. Garner said they were going to do an ultrasound today so my dad took off work and drove in from Ft. Worth to see the baby this morning. (Dad actually beat us to the doc's office, so when I walked in there he was, reading the latest issue of Texas Monthly.) When we got in the back it turned out that we weren't scheduled to have an ultrasound today BUT Dr. Garner is awesome and found an excuse for us to have one. I told the ultrasound tech that we would LOVE to know the baby's sex if she was able to see anything. Its still early so I can neither confirm nor deny if she found anything... you will all have to wait until the next appointment on Sept. 13th.

Starting Saturday night I have been experiencing severe upper abdominal pains, mostly on the right side. Its hurts to breathe, sit up, light down, roll over, etc. The least painful position is flat on my back which I don't like and probably should be avoiding. The doctor had the tech check it out during the ultrasound and while there was some fluid around my right kidney everything looked alright (the pain is in the wrong spot for it to be my kidney. My experience with kidney stones has taught me exactly where my kidneys are.) I told them that I can touch exactly where it hurts and that it is actually sensitive to the touch; turns out the spot is over my gallbladder, which my dad has had removed, but the tech said it looked fine. I have also been getting headaches lately no matter how much water I drink (woke up with a hardcore headache this morning, it was like being hungover). The doctor said its because of the increase in blood volume and I should take Tylenol with my water; he even said I could have a little bit of caffeine. Problem is I don't want a little bit of caffeine, I want a LOT of caffeine in Red Bull form. Oh well, maybe I will go pick up some Barq's root beer.

The ultrasound tech took a ton of pics, this one is my favorite. Spud is waving!
The rest of the pics are here

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