Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Food and I have become frenemies. Since getting pregnant I have found that the foods I enjoy, I REALLY enjoy, like its the best (fill in the blank) I have ever eaten. However, afterwards I usually never want to see it again, let alone eat it. Only a few foods have made the cut and are eaten regularly. The first of those is cherries. They were the first thing I craved after finding out I was pregnant (followed closely by the Taco Bell Chili Cheese burrito)and even though I was immediately ill after eating them they still seem to find their way into my shopping cart on every trip to the store. Also high on the list is soup. At first it was only cream based soups; clam chowder, chicken corn chowder, and broccoli cheese. Now its is anything with LOTS of beans and vegetables in a broth you can see through.

Unfortunately, no matter what I eat I still end up with heartburn every day after lunch and again after dinner. I told Mac yesterday that I must be eating all the wrong things because nothing seems to bring me any relief. Some helpful family members have suggested I try papaya extract and almonds, which means I will be hitting the store again tomorrow. I will be sure to eat before I go this time; today I was starving as I walked the aisles full of deliciousness and came home with two of everything and a bottle of queso. Mmmm...queso...

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