Friday, August 27, 2010

Who needs a face?

Ahhh pregnancy...

So since I started taking the Clomid back February my skin has been totally and embarrassingly broken out. I see it as revenge for a virtually pimple free adolescence. My face's condition has only gotten worse as the baby has gotten bigger. Suddenly, last night after washing my make-up off my skin felt tight and burned a little. I have always had sensitive and dry skin and moisturize a couple of times a day but last night my moisturizer burned like crazy. This morning was worse, my face felt chapped and sensitive to touch; the skin was tighter and spiderweb-esque. I had to go to school without make-up on and with distinctly rosy cheeks. In the teachers' lounge I asked if anyone there had been pregnant before and if so, did their baby try various, devious, ways to remove their face from the inside? A few teachers said they had had the same problem and recommended Cetaphil, a mild, hypoallergenic moisturizer. I picked up a jar on the way home from work today and opened it up while on the phone with my sister. It was smooth and creamy and shocked the HELL out of me the moment I touched it. Since I have become a big ball of exhausted lately I put the lid back on the jar and waited for Mac to get home. He did not believe it was possible that something so white and cold had shocked me ... until it shocked him too...twice. After that the cream was fine (I'll admit, it was hard to stick my finger back in the jar at first. That first shock HURT). Now my skin feels like it's in the aftermath of a severe sunburn and will start peeling any moment. Sigh.

That said I came through the first week of student teaching feeling physically alright. The first two days I swelled up like crazy and 1st couldn't get my wedding rings off and then 2nd couldn't get them back on. Now they fit fine. The same goes for my shoes. I have actually been able to stop at the store on the way home and cook dinners (thought not both on the same day) and my headaches are receding. Don't let me fool you, these things do not necessarily make me happy. I am terrified that feeling well means that something is wrong with my baby. I know its silly but I am actually glad to have this new facial burning if it means Spud is still kickin'.

Speaking of I haven't felt the Spudster move since earlier in the week. It is still very early so I am trying not to let it concern me. I can't wait til Mac can feel it too!

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  1. You are going to have so much fun reading this blog after the baby is born :) Especially if you guys decide to go for a second kiddo. After you have been through it once you'll be like there's a foot coming out of my belly button? Hey no problem! Totally normal! lol. The first time through is always scary and wonderful and makes it that much sweeter when the baby is there snuggling with you