Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Skool Daze

Woowoo! Just talked to my grad advisor and I am cleared to leave the program in the Spring and return next Fall, that way I can graduate by May of 2012, which sounds at once both far away and very soon. This makes me feel much better about my decision to take time off to be with the baby.

Tomorrow is the Student Teaching Orientation which means I have to be on campus, car parked, signed in and in my seat at 8am. Why does campus have to be 45 minutes away? I guess it will be good practice for next week when I have to be at work by 7:15, which will no doubt also be a beating.

The jeans I bought at Oldnavy.com are way too big, who knew they would stretch out so fast? So I went and got a new pair that fit today so I will have something to wear tomorrow. I also managed to get 3 maternity tops at $6 each. Of course, I was also very tempted to buy clothes for Spud but I resisted, there will be plenty of time for that in the future. This weekend I will be going back out to look for khaki, gray, brown, black pants for work. Shopping make me sleepy (as does everything else).

Have I mentioned that Mister Edwards is the best husbandit that ever lived? Yesterday I was miserable, I seriously felt hungover all day and spent most of the afternoon laying in bed with a headache watching TV. Mac had not slept well the night before and after our doc appt had gone straight to work so I knew he was exhausted all day too. When he got home at 5:30 he came upstairs and got in bed with me and asked what I wanted for dinner. I said cake (waaaaaay too much food network watching) and you know what he did? He got up and went to the store and called me to tell me all of the varieties of cake available to see which one sounded the best. When he got home it turns out he had also bought stuff for tacos (my fav dinner) as well as kosher pickles (another fav. that I keep forgetting to buy), black olives (delicious), and almond joys. And he didn't just get regular taco fixin's, he got two kinds of beans, and sauteed mushroom and garlic in butter, and bought three kinds of salsa; he went all out! and THEN he shows me the movie he rented for us to watch, cause he is awesome. I felt so taken care of!

I have big plans for the world reveal of Spud's gender in September. Mister Edwards came up with an excellent concept that I am excited to execute so watch your mail folks!


  1. Can we get on with the show...never mind, patience not my strong point, let them eat cake, thanks Michelle...uh Kristin. Enjoy the student teaching gig at NTSU...Mac drives it everyday..."Mister Edwards" sounds like his daddy you are referring to...all the words beginning with SPUD - SPUDtacular, SPUDster, SPUDometer...could be a new SPUDictionary...worn out now, more furniture to work on, very theraputic.

  2. That sounds blissful. There's pretty much no other time that you can justify cake for dinner, except when you are pregnant. I'm thinking about getting pregnant again just so I can have days like that again.