Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth Y'all!

The fourth of July was one of firsts for our family.

Gideon's first baseball game,

and fireworks show,

yep he slept through the whole thing

My first time leaving my jacket in the car and having to wrap myself in damp towels in order to avoid freezing to death

and first hat full of nachos
yep, hat full o' nachos
And Mac's first ... well maybe it wasn't his first baseball sausage or Jimmy Johns, but it was one of the best, at least for me cause I got to have some too.

Nathan's kitty, Max and the clone troopers appeared to enjoy their first picnic together:

Oh and I am willing to be that these are Crystal's first bad selfies (she is too damned photogenic)

(We got really bored waiting for the fireworks to start)

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