Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The calm...

July 3rd was like the calm before the storm.  The 4th would soon touch of a whirl wind of activity previously unexperienced by the Edwards family so we used the 3rd as an opportunity to get rested up.  Mac started his day off in the usual fashion, i.e. doing whatever little children tell him to do:

My awesome brother Jason took me out to a fantastic restaurant called Lunchbox Laboratory (another culinary life highlight!)  I got a dork (duck+pork) burger that was divine and we split some crackling pork rinds (my first ever and now of course I dream about them).  

The time difference really messed with Gideon and while he maintained a fairly sunny disposition, naps went the way of the dodo as he chose to forgo sleep in favor of collapsing from sheer cousin-fun induced exhaustion.  

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