Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Oh Ellie

Ellie is very important to this family.  She is Gideon's most loyal companion and the reason he is able to soothe himself to sleep, ever.  When we got back to Seattle from Portland we realized she wasn't with us.  She was however in this picture taken at our hotel (that is her on top of Gideon):
I called the hotel immediately but their housekeeping manager was already gone for the day.  Back in Texas I called again but no luck, they hadn't found Ellie.  When we discovered her missing we hit the internet and purchased another Ellie (Ellie Too) but she wasn't going to arrive for a few days.  It was a miserable time, Giddy didn't sleep well and was generally on edge.  Then a miracle!  The hotel FOUND ELLIE!  In fact, she arrived at our house before Ellie Too and really not a moment too soon.

All pictures of Gideon and Ellie from the day she arrived are blurry because he was so happy he couldn't sit still.

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