Thursday, July 5, 2012

Trains, planes, and automobiles

Gideon is officially a seasoned traveler.  We took a train to Portland which means he has now enjoyed all major forms of transportation.  BTW the trains were reallllly nice.  We had wifi and places to plug in our computers not to mention plenty of leg room, comfy seats, and a dining car with WINE.

Tom foolery on the train

watching George with daddy

the awesome view from the train

The lap top was a life saver, thank god for the plug on the train.
 When we arrived in Portland it was only a quick light rail ride to our amazing hotel (The Governor Hotel) were we immediately took off our pants and collapsed on the bed.

I am pretty sure Gideon's favorite part of the room was the curtains

Sleepy boy relaxing with Pooh Bear
 After a failed attempt to get dinner from the food trucks outside our window (they were CLOSED) we ordered too much room service and then collapsed into deep sleeps.  BTW Gideon is kind of amazing.  He slept all night, no problem, at the hotel.  I should get him a trophy for that.

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