Thursday, August 7, 2014

Cousin Time

I got a great deal on a game card at iT'Z which meant we could invite Auntie Bethany and Cousin Clara to come out and play with us!  After a ton of pizza we hit the games.  Once Clara got acclimated to the noise we played all the games and won all the tickets and got some great prizes at the "ticket store".


You better believe I hit the jackpot!  I am getting pretty good at this jackpot thing.

Awesome pinata game

So much pony love

Its a lot cheaper when you tell them they are playing the game instead of actually putting any money in


Liyah was in love with that horse

I love this picture

Pretending to be totally normal children

On our way out I could not resist buying some tiny cinnamon sugar donuts.  The kids loved watching the little machine drop the dough into the hot oil and DEAR LORD they were so good.

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