Friday, August 29, 2014

Men in White Shirts

We convinced our friend Craig to come over for dinner tonite by promising burgers and bacon ranch pea salad.  The husbandit pointed out while we were eating that children born the day we (Craig and I) met would be celebrating their 13th birthdays now.  Mac and I were kids who changed schools a lot growing up so knowing someone for that long is mind boggling for us.  It also probably explains why these guys have all have started dressing alike.

Gideon is a big fan of Craig's.  Last year we mentioned he was coming over and Gideon declared that Craig was his best friend.  Tonite at bedtime Giddy came downstairs to tell Craig goodnight and added "see you in the morning!"  We then explained that Craig would be leaving tonite, which was disappointing but Gideon took it in stride.  After Gideon went to bed the guys decided to watch True Detective while I went upstairs to work on new baby's mobile.  At some point Mac opened the front door and Gideon, who we all thought was asleep, yelled "Good bye Craig!"  Apparently the little guy had been staying awake in an effort to say goodbye to his best friend.  He's pretty awesome.

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