Sunday, August 10, 2014

The big boy room

Gideon's new room (our old art room) is coming along slowly.  We have lots of big plans for in there and I hope there is time for all of it.  Mac has really been the hero of this story, spending every weekend cleaning, pulling up carpets, patching walls, painting, leveling the floor, etc, etc, etc.  Right now it feels a bit endless but I am proud of what we (mostly Mac) have accomplished so far and I know Gideon is going to appreciate the end result.  Here is what we have so far:

Gideon's only real request for his room was that it be blue.  So, in what was absolutely a world record for "Fastest Paint Color Chosen by Mac and Kristin Edwards", we took only 2 days to decide on Empire Fleet Blue (fate right?) for Gideon's room.

I bought these James Hance prints a couple of years ago because I just KNEW they would be perfect.  Also I was right.

Giddy already loves his big boy bed from Ikea

The only other piece of furniture from his old room that will follow him to his new room (love Ikea furniture!)

Gideon does not yet know how awesome h is desk lamp is going to be (thank you for having awesome stuff)

Picked up this ceiling fan last weekend at Lowe's and of course my awesome husband has already hung it up

We are definitely getting this Death Star like light from Ikea

I have no idea how to quilt but this has GOT to happen for Gideon, anyone out there want to get paid to make this for me?

Found these stuffed animals on Woot! and had to have them

Curtains for his reading I just have to find them...

Working on a custom order of these amazing outlet covers from idillard on Etsy

 It is hard to believe that just a few short weeks ago that room looked like this!

In my defense this is only what it looks like when you start to pull everything out to box it up, previous to this it was actually a functional room.

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