Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Scardey Daddy

Last night after bedtime Gideon asked me for some ice water.  Knowing how difficult the stairs are for me these days (hello 31 weeks pregnant!) daddy went to fetch the water.  Then this conversation happened:

Gideon:  I want some ice water.
Me:  Daddy went to get the water for you.
G:  No, you go get the water.
M:  Daddy can get the water.
G:  No, he can't, its too spooky downstairs.  Daddy is afraid of monsters and ghosts!
M:  Daddy isn't afraid
G:  Yes he is!
M:  Why do you think daddy is afraid?
G:  When I pretend to be a monster daddy say "AHHH!!!"
Daddy (walking in the room):  I got the water!
Gideon:  Raaaaahhh!!!  Monster!!!
Daddy:  AHHH!!!!
Me: sigh.


  1. I really needed that giggle this morning. He does have a point though. Scardey Daddy's should not be put in charge of nighttime water requests.

  2. Oh my gosh! I died laughing. That boy is toooooo smart!