Monday, July 19, 2010

Stuff and things

Great doctor visit today! We got to hear the heartbeat! The ladies on my message boards made me worry that we wouldn't be able to find it with the doppler but my doc is a pro and found it right away. The heartrate was 140 to which I said "oh, that's low" and my doctor said "No its not, normal is between 120 and 180" so now I feel better.

We are scheduled for a sequential scan on the 27th (I will be 12 weeks). My doctor said there is a possibility that they might be able to tell the gender then! After that I have another appt with my doctor on the 16th of August and they will do another ultrasound then. I can not wait to see my baby again. This is all really starting to sink in ad it feels really good. As I like to tell Mac, there's a baby in there!

My morning sickness is sticking around but it is much more manageable then it was a few weeks ago. I am back to taking my glucophage and prenatal vitamins regularly (with a new vitamin cause the last one made me want to die). Sometimes at night though I still find myself laying on the couch thinking "ugh."

I broke down and ordered maternity clothes today. Mac was a good sport and went to Old Navy with me to try things on (of course, he did ask a few times if there wasn't a girl that I would rather be there with. The answer was no, I feel fat and tired, I want to be with you.) and then today I ordered from their online sale. 1 pair of light jeans, 1 pair of dark jeans and several shirts that will finally be long enough. I feel like I can't leave my house because I am embarrassed about being stuffed in my clothes. Of course I know this is silly and no one cares what I look like but oh well.

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  1. at least you have an excuse for being stuffed in your clothes. :) I'm sure you look radiant.