Sunday, April 8, 2012


Easter was pretty low key around our house, so much so that I totally forgot about his Easter basket until right before naptime and had to run to the car and get all of the stuff out (hopping chick, rabbit rubber duck, little people Noah's Ark, little people Easter bunny boy and basket (he is a big fan of the little people), and gold fish crackers) and put it in his bedroom while acting like that was totally how I had planned it.  After nap we went to my mom's house for an Easter egg hunt with my brother, Bethany and Liyah, her friend Jeremy and his son Jordan, and the Edwards.  It was probably the cutest Easter egg hunt ever with little babies doing their best to figure out what the heck we wanted from them.  My mom went all out and had 50 eggs to find.  The cool part was that each person had a special egg with their name on it that had a lottery ticket inside (Mac and I won a DOLLAR!).  After the hunt the sky opened up and dropped 3 inches of rain, but we didn't care because we were eating ham, potato salad, and green bean casserole, yum.  When we got home we took advantage of the perfectly cloudy day by taking naps.  All in all a great day.

We didn't take very many picture but there were a few cute ones.

Gideon was pretty tickled by the hopping chick rabbit thing

Figuring it all out

Peyton had this egg hunt thing down

"Whatcha got in there?"

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