Monday, April 30, 2012

We were pretty grateful that Gideon's doctor made it to his 15 month check-up today.  When I called to make the appt the receptionist told me that today is the day she has in the baby pool for the twins to be born.  Oddly enough we almost didn't make it due to Mac's train malfunctioning.  Gideon charmed everyone as usual and the shots were a battle, but all is well that ends well.  Here are the official 15 month stats:

wt: 27lbs 10 oz (80th percentile)
ht: 32.2in (80th percentile)
head: 19.2in (90th percentile)

His height is hanging steady in the 80th, his weight dropped a bit but his head is still quite the noggin.  Go Gideon! 

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