Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Members Only!

Gideon and I are now members of the coolest club around, that's right, we are now ZOO MEMBERS!

We went to the zoo with our besties Emily, Flint, Lyla, Michelle, Violet, and Aidan and while there decided that we wanted to be like the cool kids and join the zoo.  Now we can go whenever we want!

It was a really fun day and I am so glad to have good friends to do this kind of stuff with.

I love seeing them together like this.  We all tried to get pregnant at the same time and now we all have beautiful babies!

Aidan is the sweetest big brother, he ran over and said "I want my picture with my sister!"


Quattrochi lunch!

The kids loved he alligators in the zoo cafe and we loved that they were distracted so we could clean up from lunch.  Well played Fort Worth Zoo, well played.

Little boys looking at alligators

Gideon is a big fan of aquariums

"oooo fish!"

The Komodo Dragon never had a chance

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