Sunday, April 29, 2012

True Story

Here is a story that is going to make every parent of a toddler nod and sigh.  Mac was putting up yet another baby gate (The number one sign we were not planning on having children when we bought this house? 4 flights of stairs!) and Gideon was, of course, "helping."   At one point I saw Gideon carrying around a giant screw that was part of the gate so I said "Take that to daddy" and to my surprise he started toddling in that direction.  Mac saw Gideon coming with the screw in hand, but his hands were full and he couldn't take it.  Fast forward to Mac trying to finish installing the baby gate when he realizes he is missing an integral part- a giant screw.  We both recalled seeing the baby with it but neither recalled what had happened afterwards.  We spent the next hour tearing the house apart, asking Gideon where he put it (I even handed him a pen and stalked him to see what he would do with it), and questioning our sanity ("did I take it from him?", "did he ever have it?", "is any of this real?").  Finally I got down on my hands and knees and crawled around the house at Gideon level, opening cabinets, searching under furniture, and revisiting every spot that had already been searched but from a lower vantage point.  My first discovery was the yoga DVD I lost a week ago and actually reordered (luckily the package was damaged in transit, thank you gods of fate), then part of the camera case that we havent seen in months, and finally the large screw, in Noah's Ark (my mother later pointed out that it made no sense for it to be there because there was only one (ha ha ha)).  So I guess the moral of the story is to craw around your house at baby level once a week?

Luckily it is impossible to be mad at this:

So, what have you had relocated by a toddler lately?


  1. Last week, I was emptying the recycling bin into the big outdoor bin, and I mentioned to my husband how heavy it was. He said there was a big catalogue in there and that was probably why. I said, "I don't's REALLY heavy." I decided to empty everything out one by one just in case, and sure enough, I found the culprit.

    A one-gallon jug of vinegar.

  2. What a story! I find things all over just by Z crawling, I can't imagine walking! Though anything I have lost I can blame on "the move." :) Giddy is just the cutest - we need to get together SOON!