Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Favorite Things (Part I)

Spring has sprung with all of its mild sunny days and tornado spawning storms. Gideon has grown a ridiculous amount and in my eyes appears to be a giant (my mother put it in perspective the other day though when she said "he still looks pretty tiny to me."). The child has developed a real personality and I don't want to forget any bit of it. My favorite thing of the moment? Pointing. He points at everything. And it is an adorable three fingered point with his thumb jutting to the side, his pointer finger forward and his middle finger towards the floor. I can't believe I don't have a single picture of him doing it, because he does it all the time. He points at the dog, he points at cars, leaves, houses, toys. We took him to the mall this past weekend and he sat up straight in his stroller and pointed at nearly ever person who walked by like "hey buddy, let's be friends." Sometimes he goes full on E.T. and attempts to touch after the point and if you touch the end of you finger to his you are rewarded with a cascade of Giddy Giggles. The only downside? He may be pointing but not necessarily at what he wants. For example, at dinner time he often thrusts his little finger into the air and says "mama." This could mean he wants anything from a drink of water to throwing things at the dog. My hope is that soon he will actually point AT what he wants instead of using his finger just to make...well...a point.

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