Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Favorite Things (Part III)

My final favorite thing of the day is one I don't have any pictures of and probably never will because it is a moment I want to experience and I am perfectly happy not to document it from behind a camera.

Every morning (except weekends when Mac and I alternate sleeping in) Mac and I go into Gideon's room at 6:30 to wake him up for the day. Some mornings he wants Mama, most mornings he wants to snuggle Dada, every morning he squints and yawns and holds his sweet Ellie tight. We let him wake up slowly, rubbing his back in the dimmed lights until he is ready to sit up and then we give him more snuggles as he rests his head on one of our shoulders. Once he is awake enough Mac takes him over to the changing table and they chat and giggle while he changes his diaper and I go let the dog it. After that moment we all go our separate ways but for those few minutes it is just our little family hugging and snuggling. It is truly the best way to start the day for all of us.

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