Monday, October 1, 2012

A Mommy Makeover Challenge, Day 1

I was inspired by the lovely Miss Naptown Organizer ( to participate in a Mommy Makeover Challenge this week (and by week I mean Monday through Friday because this lady takes the weekends off from her day job).  It really isn't anything extreme, just get up everyday this week and get dressed.  All last week I kept thinking "this will be easy,"  I was wrong.  My brain is my biggest enemy, always has been.  This morning I got up at 6:15 to a crying baby, went downstairs and whipped up a batch of carrot muffins for breakfast while mentally (and verbally) cursing my food processor for breaking and forcing me to shred 2 cups of carrots by hand.  After breakfast I tried an art project that failed, then made up a second project that was a win, but both were a mess that needed to be immediately cleaned up.  Then I was tired so my brain decided that this getting dressed thing just wasn't going to happen today.  To keep myself from feeling like a total failure I spent Gideon's rest time (since he stopped taking his morning nap we have come to a compromise where he lays in my bed and watches Sesame Street for an hour while I lay next to him and read a book.  We call this "rest time") doing crunches and lifting my tiny weights.  Normally after rest time the child has a snack then we go out on the back porch and paint or color or throw rocks at mommy while trying to shut the door on the dog.  My brain was completely shocked when I walked to the clean laundry piled on the couch, took out clothes, and GOT DRESSED.  I am not a person who gets dressed often.  I have this medical condition where wearing a bra raises my body temperature by 100 degrees and wearing pants creates an overwhelming urge to take off my pants.  True story.  So this was new.



Then I went and got Gideon's car off the porch and we went to the front yard.  The FRONT yard.  Where people can see you.  Gideon was only somewhat enthused about the whole car situation and insisted that we take a walk, in that I walked while carrying him in any direction he pointed.  Then he insisted we sit in my car with the AC blasting.  That's my kiddo.  


More thrilled

Actually thrilled
It turns out that this whole wearing clothes thing came in handy because I completely forgot that a friend was coming by today to borrow my heat gun, which is a scrapbooking tool that sounds way more exciting than it really is.  I am sure she was relieved to find me in pants and bra even if I was kind of surprised and bewildered looking.

By the time my husband walked in the door at 6:15 I was only wearing a tank top, but progress can occur as much in baby steps as in giant leaps and there is always tomorrow...


  1. I love this blog entry. Love it.

  2. Pants and shoes(ish) and A BRA. I commend you.
    Also, I love that you run around in just a t-shirt. You inspire me.