Sunday, October 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Flint!

Okay so I didn't take any pictures at Flint's birthday party and I feel like a big jerk.  The party was awesome, as all Quattrochi parties are.  This was the first one where Gideon actually got in the bounce house and ...well... the jury is still out.  Maybe once he learns to jump things will be different.  But he was obsessed with the little house in the Q backyard, which is a good thing because after the party we picked up this house that we got a really great deal on through my mom.  And yes it will be going outside, as soon as it stops being a million degrees.

Here is Gideon enjoying his new house:

Either he doesn't quite understand the concept of pretend food or he is a very method actor.

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  1. Maybe I put that last blurb in the wrong spot? Oops! Anyhow, I have plenty of pics to share - and should get them online soon! Some great shots of Gideon! Thanks for the birthday shout out!