Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mommy Makeover Challenge Part 2 - At the Park

Getting dressed yesterday was a shocker, but today was more normal.  Yesterday there was still room in my brain for bargaining.  Maybe I was going through the stages of grief for my pajama-clad, lazy self and today I have progressed to acceptance.  That and today I had a playdate at the park and the park frowns upon naked people, in general.  So once again I put aside my book reading time in favor of getting dressed.  Today I put on jeans (my favs), a t -shirt (one of my favs), and the other glasses, 'cause you gotta mix it up ladies.  

Before - jammies

After - Bazinga!*
      (Pay no attention to the unmade bed beside the curtain.  This is not the bed you are looking for.)

The park was great, really great, super great plus 9000 even.  The other moms showed up in clothes too, so apparently this is becoming a trend.

Emily, my compatriot, an impulsive thumbs upper, and fellow yoga pant enthusiast

Michelle, making the rest of us look bad, one park visit at a time

 But it was also kind of warm.  When we got home Gideon immediately stripped down to his diaper for a snack and some relaxation time (What?  The kid plays hard, he needs a rest).  I was jealous.

notice the shoes, pants, and shirt just tossed aside.  He was done, DONE.
I stayed dressed, I even went and took a pic to prove it:
Real shoes with actual socks

Hanging in there

Then I remembered that I just got these jeans out of the dryer and I want to wear them tomorrow and my child is a toddler and therefore will explode any minute into several large piles of mess that are likely to get said jeans dirty so I will have to wash them yet again which will make them wear out faster and then I will have to blame the blog challenge for ruining my favorite jeans.  We can't have that.  And this is how I ended up pantsless by the time my husband got home from work...again.

So maybe I was wrong, maybe there still is room in my brain for bargaining.

 *I have noticed that other moms have been putting on make-up, wearing accessories, etc and that is great for them but I only wear make-up if I am being paid to show up somewhere OR if someone is buying me a meal (not just food, but a sit down meal.  Coffee or a snack does not get the pretty from me).

BTW, there are a few of you who I know might be interested in trying this out.  You can check out the other participants, peruse the rules, and get to know the Naptown Organizer herself here: http://thenaptownorganizer.blogspot.com/


  1. I'll wear clothes and makeup. Accessories are where I draw the line.

  2. Accessories? You mean those things my kid rips from my body and throws to the ground? Yeah, no.