Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Gideon has this whole slide thing down.  We went to the park with the Rebones today and he was pretty adamant that slides were the only place to be.  Miss V was also pretty into the playground equipment, unfortunately they weren't into the same slide at the same time so Michelle and I spent a lot of time at different parts of the park.  Ahhhh motherhood.

I am loving the camera on my phone, possibly too much because I took something like eleventy hundred pictures of Gideon going down a slide.  It's like a flip book.

Of course, once the small slide was conquered it was on to the giant, mama-scaring, child-killing, death slide. His favorite!

Do not let this picture fool you, that slide is REALLY HIGH.  And of course it , like all other professionally designed playground slides, has 3 sides open to a death drop at the top.

But I was glad Gideon had fun and was out in the sunshine and I at least got to see another adult, even if we didn't have much chat time.  Hopefully we will get back to the park soon!

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