Saturday, October 27, 2012

It was a loooooong night

Gideon is no longer taking Bethanechol.  We tried it for three days in hopes that it would help his reflux but the third night may have been one of the longest of my life.  His tummy was bloated from gas and he cried for hours, only stopping for a few minutes after a toot or burp.

Hello 4am, you suck.
Of course right around 3am Gideon's runny nose turned into croup.  Did I mention it was a long night?

This morning I called the on call pediatrician and he suggested I go to urgent care for the croup and recommended Acute Kids.  I will not be using any other urgent care if I can help it, this place was awesome!  Hand painted murals of knights, dragons, castles, and princesses covered every wall and the staff was kind, helpful, and polite.  The doc gave Gideon a dose of steroids and we were on our way, having only spent maybe 20 mins total from walking in to walking out.  Epic.

Right before we left for the doctor a delirious Gideon treated us to a song and dance show:

Later Gideon was feeling a million times better so we went out front to play a little.  Then he remembered he was sick and quickly became exhausted.  Poor kiddo really wanted to play but his little legs were giving out so we went back inside.

Spooky Halloween baby

Gideon was too sick for Gramma's Halloween party which was extremely disappointing and which means none of us have gotten to wear our costumes yet!  Finger crossed that Giddy will be well enough for trick or treating Wednesday.

(Lucky for us Gramma and Grampa surprised us the next day with chilli, cookies, cupcakes, and party favors.  It was almost like we were actually there!)

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