Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Mommy Makeover Challenge Day 3 - Out and About (or for our Canadian friends, Ooot and Aboot)

This is starting to become more automatic, which is good because the library, like the park, frowns on nakedness and today we went to storytime.  ***In non-clothing related news, Gideon was a rockstar at storytime today.  He sang songs, sat and listened to the story, and was rewarded with a hand stamp at the end.

Proof of hand stamp
Since I was hanging out with my mommy friends (who are really just friends who happen to also be mommies) I didn't really stress about what I was wearing yesterday.  Today I was going to be with stranger moms and on days like this I feel the weight of my sad, sad wardrobe.  Just before pregnancy I had finally gotten a wardrobe I liked, casual clothes, business casual, dressy, shoes, pants, shorts; it was all there.  Now my everyday wear consists of a massive collection of t-shirts (most with a science geek theme), one pair of jeans that is both a reasonable color and fits (my other two pairs are each missing one of those key elements), some tank tops and yoga pants, and 3 shirts from Old Navy that I consider "nicer."  It is pretty dismal.  This is what I came up with for today:


I found this hilarious, next time I will make it look like I am squishing his head.  Classic comedy.
This is what he was doing while I was trying to get a pic.  He likes to hang there.

These clothes were a bad choice because the shirt kept riding up while we were sitting on the library floor and I was terrified I was about to show the whole library and therefore all the stranger moms my crack.  I don't know why the stranger moms make me nervous, they are all perfectly nice and I am not so vain as to think they care what I look like.  Oh well, it is what it is.

This outfit worked fine for walking two grocery stores and the trip to Starbucks that took place after storytime but I really do need to do something about this shirts and pants situation...

BTW, there are a few of you who I know might be interested in trying this out.  You can check out the other participants, peruse the rules, and get to know the Naptown Organizer herself here:


  1. I have major psychological issues with potentially showing my crackage at the library. Also, you look adorable. ALSO I highly recommend the jersey slub long tops on sale for like $8 at
    Stay away from the Rockstar jeans though. They are the devil.

  2. You know, no matter what jeans I buy, I can't keep them from sliding down unless they have a pretty high rise (which a lot do on me, because I have a short waist). My solution has been to continue to wear maternity jeans.