Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mommy Makeover Challenge Day 4 - Running Late

I had high hopes for day 4, I mean really high hopes.  Everest hopes.  I was going to shave my legs and wear a dress.  You read that right d-r-e-s-s, dress.  Unfortunately things got off to a late start (even this blog post is a day late).  The plan was for my mom to come over at 9am, we were to have breakfast, then I was going to shower, shave, and prepare for lunch with my buddy at noon.  Around 9:30 I called to make sure my mom was still alive.  Granted I was hardly ahead of schedule, flipping pancakes while holding the phone, but still I was worried for her safety (let's just say my mother is not the est-bay iver-dray).  She was running late, I was running late, and of course my solution to this problem upon her arrival was to pack us all up in the car for a trip to Starbucks.  I am working on forming a salted caramel mocha frappuccino habit just in time for them to discontinue it, I'm sure.  So that threw my schedule off even more.  Then it happened.  My mother said she had never seen Downton Abbey.  That is insane.  It is like a group of writers and producers sat down one day and said "here's the goal, create a show that is perfect for Kristin's mom" and then come to find out she isn't even watching it.  Once I got the first episode started for her I ran upstairs to get ready, but by this time I had 15 mins to shower, brush my teeth, and locate clothes to put on my body.  The dress was out, the leg shaving was waaay out, andy my hair was just going to have to be as is.  Luckily my buddy isn't interested in my hair and we had a fantastic time over lunch and coffee and I didn't feel bad about my appearance at all. When I got home I discovered Gideon hadn't napped and I was so busy the rest of the afternoon that I actually still had my jeans and tshirt on when Mac got home.  In fact I got so busy cooking dinner afterwards that I still had on jeans at bathtime.  Proof:

So there you go, I may have set a new personal record for longest in home pants wearing.

I would have to guess that running out of time in the day is the biggest stumbling block to mamas dressing like their former childless selves.  As it was I ended up washing my hair at 10:30pm and sleeping on a towel, i.e. my hair looks awesome this morning.  Personally I feel okay about how day 4 turned out.  I spent the morning drinking coffee and talking with my mom, the afternoon was spent with a good friend giggling and gasping over old and new stories, and in the evening I laid on the floor with my child and was completely taken with his love for Cinderella.  That is a good day, and I managed it all in jeans.

BTW, there are a few of you who I know might be interested in trying this out.  You can check out the other participants, peruse the rules, and get to know the Naptown Organizer herself here:

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