Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Getting ready for Halloween

Last night when Gideon insisted on a post dinner walk with daddy, I climbed up in the attic and got down our Halloween yard decorations.  I am a big fan of Halloween and an even bigger fan of lawn ornaments.  Since my husband will not live in a house with year round yard decor I have to get my kicks over the holidays.  Last year Gideon was pretty lumpy while we staked and plugged in all of our Halloween friends.

He couldn't walk and wouldn't crawl so he mostly spent his time kicking it (literally) in the grass with his little bare feet.

I am shocked by the changes in such a short period of time.

This year he drove us crazy trying to pull the ghost and ghouls apart and in some cases, right out of the ground, but it was all out of love.  He is a big fan of Frank, Mummy, and Boo.


"Okay, back off buddy.  Mummy is supposed to have arms, I swear"

Step this way

"Child, hands off!"


Daddy's little helper

All done for now.

In fact, Gideon loves his new friends so much we had to go visit them this morning, I suspect to make sure they were still there

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