Sunday, October 7, 2012

While I was getting dressed...

Do not fear followers of G-Mack, while I was getting dressed and pondering my new post baby life, I was also continuing to chronicle the child's every movement.

Monday - I shocked myself by getting dressed, and I shocked Gideon by taking him out into the front yard.  He was not really all that impressed.

Tuesday -  Gideon spent quality time at the park with his buddies and went down the slide all by himself for the FIRST TIME EVER.

Wednesday - Gideon was a total library rockstar and then charmed the doodle out of the check out lady at the grocery store before getting to drive his very own car at the second grocery store (all good grocery trips involve more than one store)

Displaying his "I was good at the library" stamp

Thursday - Gideon loved on his gramma, watched some Downton Abbey, napped for about 20 minutes, and discovered the joy of singing mice in Cinderella

completely engrossed

Completely comfy

He watched through Ellie while the cat was chasing the mouse

Friday - Gideon was a big help while I cleaned.  Okay he wasn't at all, but he made up for it by being cute and generous with the kisses.

helping me pick up his toys

helping me make the bed

helping me wash the windows
It was a busy week!

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