Saturday, October 6, 2012

Mommy Makeover Challenge Day 6 - Surprise!

Ha!  I fooled you!  Turns out I did have a sec to take a pic today.  We went to two birthday parties in one day.  One of them was an hour away.  I got the venti frappuccino today.

It was exhausting but amazing that Gideon is actually able to participate in birthday celebrations that just a year ago he spent being a floor lump.  He climbed and played and pretty much had the best day of his ENTIRE LIFE.

Proof of clothes:
Surprise! *

Tomorrow I think I will share my thoughts and then put this challenge to rest for good.

*For some reason being dressed means not making my bed.

BTW, there are a few of you who I know might be interested in trying this out.  You can check out the other participants, peruse the rules, and get to know the Naptown Organizer herself here:

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